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Unique Gift Maker Samples

Unique Gift Maker is quite different from others. Read above stories which came from other members.

Story 1. Use Unique Gift Maker to make an e-greetings card

Add some cards, add greetings, and insert some prepared background, pictures, music. And then send this e-gift by email. That's enough.

Story 2. An e-paper as an e-gift

Tim is John's youngest son. He has decided to give him three gifts: one is a book he wants to read, another is an e-test paper made by UniqueGiftMaker and the other is a game named WOW he expects for a long time. In the e-test paper there are some questions taken from the book. Only when Tim has answered the questions with desired scores, will he unlock the game by the password on e-gift for playing, so he should read the entire book before playing.

Exam created by Unique Gift Maker
view sample

Story 3. E-love letter auto reply

Kitty is Dennis' friend, but he doesn't know what her feelings about him are. In the eve of Valentine's Day, Dennis wants to ask her to go to the movies and tell her his own feelings about her. He wants to write an e-love letter by Unique Gift Maker. It could show different questions according to Kitty's different answers. If he asks whether she has a boy friend, suppose Kitty's answer is "Yes", the next card may appear “Wish you Valentine's Day Happy!", but if Kitty's answer is "No". The next card may be "With whom do you feel happy?" The answer may be "A. Dennis B. Toy C. Maze". The last card will be "Will you go with me to the movies on Valentine's Day?” At last e-gift will send all her answers back to Dennis' e-mail box. How wonderful it is!

Love letter created by Unique Gift Maker
view sample

Story 4. How to use Unique Gift Maker to send one a gift in kind

The Unique Gift Maker is designed with this aim. When you have bought chocolate or other things, buy a cipher lock. Use Unique Gift Maker to make an e-gift with the password to it. Send it to him.

Eric offers you a better way. He put his gift under the bed on the third wedding anniversary. Use the Unique Gift Maker to insert a few life photos in the E-Gift to his wife. When she saw the exquisite gift, she was very happy until on the past page she found a better gift hidden under the bed.

We hope to share more ways in using Unique Gift Maker with you.

Story 5. Do you want to be an astrologer for your friends?

Answer a few questions. Tell him what kind of character your friend has. Use UniqueGiftMaker to make an e-gift and send it on their birthdays. It will be full of creative sense.

Download much more samples and themes from our website.

More creative gifts are to be discovered. Have a try!

Love letter created by Unique Gift Maker
view sample

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